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Cecilia Lindhé Göteborgs universitet

Cecilia Lindhé is Director of the Centre for Digital Humanities and she is also one of the coordinators within The Centre for Critical Heritage Studies – both at the University of Gothenburg.  Her PhD is in comparative literature (Uppsala University, 2008) and she is the former Director of HUMlab, Umeå University.

Recently funded  research  projects are Expansion and Diversity: Digitally mapping and exploring independent performance in Gothenburg 1965–2000 (project leader with Astrid von Rosen), The Swedish Research Council, 2019–2021 (SEK 13 milj.)  and The Queen’s Diadem – a digital platform for visualizing and contextualizing the novel Drottningens juvelsmycke (1832). The project is led by Lindhé and Jonas Ingvarsson in collaboration with RISE Interactive Institute.

Currently, she also working on books about Scandinavian travelers to Malta and the history of the Gollcher family. And when she has some time to spare some essays about Tommy Körberg’s interpretations and orchestrations of Swedish poetry.

For more information about research, publications and current activities, please vide the pages above.